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The last of us is a game that is set in a post pandemic world in which people are trying to survive between the hammer of the infected and the anvil of a brutal military dictatorship force that rules what remains of the human race, the game offers a unique game play system that sort of transitions from melee combat to gun play in a very natural way one moment you will be shooting an infected to subdue them and the next you will be smashing it's head off using an iron pipe to conserve ammo as in a post apocalyptic world like this ammo is rare and you have to try and conserve it for the harder spots in the game which makes the game all that much more fun to be honest, also the way you dispatch your enemies differ depending on your positioning as you will find yourself often using the environment that surrounds you to your advantage to finish off your enemies for example if you are next to a wall you will be able to smash the head of your foe into the wall to dispatch them after you have weakened them enough with your fists.

The game is a playstation exclusive and to be honest it is one of the reasons why you would want a playstation as the game does a great job mixing horror and action sequences in a very seamless manner to the point of perfecting the two styles, you always have the choice of either to sneak around using stealth and well calculated moves to conserve ammo and supplies for maybe a better use in a future encounter or just go in loud dispatching your enemies using the weapons you collect and upgrade over the course of the game.

The last of us also excels when it comes to character development and story telling as you witness the story unfold you will feel that just everything makes perfect sense and falls right into place and the story on it's own will keep you playing just to find out what is going to happen, the story of Joel and Ellie and the development of the relationship between them will simply just make you care and will certainly have you invested in the world of the last of us, the game tries to avoid over used cliches when it comes to it's plot twists and succeeds to great extent in doing though,

-spoiler alert-

when you find out that Elie the girl which you have taken it upon yourself to escort her across a destroyed united states during the course of the whole past year and have developed a fatherly attachment to her as she resembles your daughter that you have lost back when the outbreak started 20 years ago  will have to be sacrificed after successfully delivering her to the rebels lab in order to extract the cure for the fungi epidemic from her brain cells you lose your mind and you are left in a position in which you are about to lose "your daughter" for a second time and you simply choose to save her from that fate and turn against the very faction you have been struggling to reach for the entirety of the game just to save her even if it meant no cure will ever be developed.

There are plenty of difficulty levels that does add a replay value to the game, the game also offers some interesting collectables that help root the player into the world as they reveal some details here and there which adds to the overall lore of the world and adds to the whole replay ability aspect of the game if you are looking to platinum the title and trust me it's one of those games that are definitely worth another play through just to see if you can beat it at higher difficulty levels which take away some of the tools that you would be often using on lower difficulties which ends up making the horror aspect of the game even more pronounced.

Lastly the multiplayer component, the game has an online mode that lets you grow your clan and go out on team based online battles to secure more supplies to be able to grow your gang and have it more established in this destroyed post pandemic world which adds to the over all value of the game as it will keep you playing for a long time even after you beat the story mode, maybe the only minor complaint that i might be having with this game is that some of the weapons are actually exclusive to the online mode as they don't appear in the single player mode but it can still be understandable for balance reasons.

So when it is all said and done the last of us is a master piece that excels in both game play mechanics and story telling, probably one of the best games when it comes to story presenting and character development as each and every character is certainly memorable and the experience as a whole is likely to stick with you for a long long time.

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